How to use a fidget spinner.

There is no wrong way to spin a fidget spinner. Whatever feels comfortable or natural to you is the best way to use a fidget spinner. Sometimes different spinners call for different approaches to spinning. Yet some spinners are better for fidgeting back and forth. Premium quality finger spinners are better for long two-handed spins. Larger spinners may need a ring finger flick, while a smaller compact spinner is more comfortably flicked back and forth with your index finger. Below are two main methods to spin a fidget spinner.

Flick Forward Method

This is the most basic way to spin a fidget spinner with one hand and the easiest spin to perform. It works with any fidget spinner shape or size.

  1. Grip the spinner by the buttons with your thumb and index finger.
  2. Flick forward with your ring finger contacting the spinner with the top of your spin finger somewhere around the base of the fingernail.
  3. For some fidget spinners it’s better to load the spinner into starting position by first pulling it back before giving it a powerful flick forward.

Snap Back Method

Instead of flicking forward, you can pull it back. This one handed spin works great for bar and tri spinners.

  1. Grip the spinner by the buttons with your thumb and index finger just like in flick method.
  2. Using your ring finger, push against the body of the fidget spinner so you have a hold of it preventing it from spinning pressing toward your body if you're holding the spinner perpendicular to the ground.
  3. Use a snapping back motion with your ring finger towards your hand to spin the fidget spinner.
Of course, if you are into faster and longer fidget spin actions, two handed flicks and table top spins are at the best for that.

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