Rotobow Nano Ti anodized Purple titanium fidget spinner

Rotobow Nano Ti anodized Purple titanium fidget spinner

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Rotobow Nano Ti fidget spinner custom anodized colors - metallic purple titanium.

A better way to carry your premium fidget spinner and look good doing that.

This purple titanium fidget spinner is well crafted for comfortable spinning without sacrificing attractive design. By using titanium and clean lines, we created Nano Ti premium fidget spinner to be useful gadget that can be enjoyed and used daily. After all, if you use something daily, it should be good!

Design, Materials and Process

The fidget spinner frame is cut and machined from solid block of titanium, not die cast. This method produces the best quality, more consistent product. The buttons as cut and machined from stainless steel. Each part is sand blasted to create an attractive even mate finish. Nano Ti is run on premium 10-ball R188 ss bearing capable of 2 to 4 min spins.

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