Rotobow Nano Ti - high end titanium fidget spinner

Rotobow Nano Ti - high end titanium fidget spinner

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Rotobow Nano Ti hand fidget spinner is premium quality, US made high end fidget spinner, pocket friendly and great for everyday carry use. This is the best Titanium fidget spinner for the money. Nano Ti is a compact fidget spinner capable to spin for 2 to 4 min. Fidget spinners are made for busy hands it has texture, shape and size to make it a comfortable use.

Nano Ti premium fidget spinner is made from Titanium with added brass insert for weight and long spins. It runs on high quality R188 ss bearing. The hand spinner measures 1.5" in diameter and 10 mm thickness, and weighs 50 g. Finger buttons are made of Stainless Steel and sand blasted for added texture. They are removable (screw on/off) for easy bearing cleaning.

Compact fidget spinners are perfect for discreet operation that won't attract too much attention at work or school. Some use it for for fun as desk toy, some for stress relief or anxiety help, some - as thinking helper.

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Made in Atlanta, GA

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