Titanium Self Defense Ring

Titanium Self Defense Ring

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Rotobow titanium self defense ring (can be used as a fidget ring as well) is made of Titanium and measures 1.5" in diameter, 8 mm thick and 22 mm center hole.The tactical ring surface is beads blasted for optimal tactile feel. Titanium self defense ring can be made of different colors by request (blue, purple, bronze and gold colors).

Made for busy hands it has texture, shape and size to make it a comfortable fidget toy. No other applications are intended. Perfect for everyday carry and as EDC gear for your collection. Comparable to other self defense rings and brass knuckles.

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>> By purchasing this pocket tool you assume any risk in the use of it and is designed to be a novelty item only. Any misuse of this product is strictly at customers discretion and the seller will not be held accountable for such negligence in any form.

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